Tutorial 3: How to Determine w Using Our Automated Scripts

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This is a tutorial to help you compute w for your Panamath data using our automated scripts.

Currently, the tutorial only works on Windows machines with Microsoft Excel.


Step 1: Download software and scripts

Download the latest version of the statistical analysis software, R: http://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/base/

Download our analysis scripts here: [put link here]. Unzip the .zip file.

Step 2: Collect the results files

Go to the unzipped directory (folder) in your Windows Explorer. There should be a directory called "analysis". Place all of the Excel results files generated by Panamath into the unzipped directory, alongside "analysis". You should be able to find all of the Panamath results files in the "results" directory of your Panamath program root directory.

Step 3: Change the path to R for your computer

Double-click the "analysis" directory to enter it. There are three files:

  • "dotsSummary.xls" - this file contains an Excel macro that will copy and combine data from your Excel results files into a single "dotsSummary.csv" file that it will generate.
  • "run_weber_analysis.bat" - this batch file tells Windows to run "calc_w.r" on the "dotsSummary.csv" data file.
    • Your job: Right-click "run_weber_analysis.bat" and select "Edit" from the options menu. The file should open in Notepad. Change "D:\Documents\Program Files\R\R-2.15.2\" to be whatever the path to R is on your computer. This R directory should have a directory called "bin" within. Save the file and close Notepad.
  • "calc_w.r" - this file contains the R script that reads the "dotsSummary.csv" file generated by the previous Excel macro and computes Weber fractions and other statistics for each subject.

Step 4: Run the scripts

Double-click "dotsSummary.xls" to open it. You should be asked whether to enable macros. Click "Enable Content". There should be four buttons in the Excel worksheet you open it. The file explains what each button does. To generate Weber fractions for each subject in your set of results files, simply click the "Do all three!" button.

Step 5: Review the Weber fractions

  • A file "WeberResults.csv" will be generated by the previous step. Close the "dotsSummary.xls" file and double-click the "WeberResults.csv" to open it.

[TODO fill me in more]

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