• More than 100,000 people have taken the Panamath test.

    - Justin Halberda, PhD
    Johns Hopkins University

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Marbles and math symbols coming out of a jar

Are you sensing something?

Have you ever tried to guess how many jelly beans are in a jar? Or "guesstimated" the number of people who were at the concert last night? Number sense is your intuitive recognition of numbers and their relationships. You can tell, for instance, that one group of circles contains more shapes than another, even though you don't know the exact number. This is an ability shared with many animals, and helps them (and us, in days gone by) to survive.

These days, however, we tend to emphasize and place value on outright calculation in schools. If Jimmy has ten apples and he gives away two, how many does he have left?

What's your number sense?

Panamath measures your number sense and approximate number system (ANS) aptitude. Recent research has demonstrated a relationship between performance on this test and basic mathematical ability. Through a grant from the U.S. National Science Foundation, we have made this test publicly available free of charge so that researchers can use it in their studies, educators can assess their students, and anyone of any age can test themselves.

Panamath is completely free!

Panamath is freely available as both an online test and downloadable application. You can also try a brief demo of Panamath and access tutorials and resources discussing different aspects of the test—all at no cost.

image courtesy
of Serge Bloch