• Performance on Panamath correlates with the counting abilities of young children.

    - Anna Shusterman, PhD
    Wesleyan University

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We're excited by the results coming from our own research using Panamath, and excited to share this software freely with individuals, researchers, and practitioners working to improve understanding of our knowledge of math cognition.

There are two ways to use the data. Individuals who take the full online test are given a report of their results. This helps them and us answer new questions about the Approximate Number System and refine our own experiments. Researchers who download the full version can place the software on any number of computers in their labs or classrooms, adjust settings in the software to suit their particular research questions, generate output files for every person who takes the assessment, and analyze the detailed data outputted by Panamath.

To date, more than twenty labs across the United States and Europe have used Panamath in their research. A subset of these users can be seen on our users page.

For understanding and interpreting results generated by Panamath, please read the Resource Wiki. If you cannot find the answer to your question there or on the FAQs page, then please contact us.