• Panamath empowers our development of an intervention that improves students' Number Sense.

    - Daphne Bavelier, PhD
    University of Rochester

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A tool for teachers

For research, for student testing, or just for curiosity's sake, Panamath can be used anywhere in the classroom.

While the program may be in its infancy, the ultimate goal of Panamath is to provide a tool for both researchers and educators. Teachers have already used the software for a wide range of education levels, from pre-K to seventh grade.

Panamath as a software package is meant to assess an individual's gut number sense. However, we have also developed instructional materials for both assessing and teaching number sense to multiple grade levels. At present, we have only developed these materials for use in 9th through 12th grade and in higher education. We are working on similar materials for younger ages as well. Visit our website regularly for updates on instructional components that are currently under development.

Because it is user-friendly for any age group, Panamath can be given to individual students as a simple 8-minute task. An accurate assessment can be made in a single session. However, important decisions about a student's abilities should be based on performances across several sessions, as well as on information obtained from additional assessments and observations.

There are two ways an educator can use Panamath.

  • Test each student individually (Take the Test)
  • Administer the test to an entire group using a PowerPoint presentation and paper answer sheets.
See Giving the Test for more details.

Ultimately, we'd like to have Panamath integrated into math curricula as an assessment tool and monitor of continued progress, as well as a fun and engaging addition to classroom activities.