• Panamath empowers our development of an intervention that improves students' Number Sense.

    - Daphne Bavelier, PhD
    University of Rochester

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A fun addition, a powerful tool

The Panamath software can be a useful component to a multi-disciplinary assessment of children's mathematical learning difficulties. Please note: No single assessment tool is the metaphorical "silver bullet" that will identify every child who struggles with a math disability. Because it is designed to engage a basic gut understanding of numerical magnitudes (e.g., more versus less), Panamath may differentiate children whose math difficulties derive more from a difficulty in understanding numerical magnitudes from children whose difficulties derive from other important sources (e.g., general cognitive difficulties, attention deficit, working memory impairments, and reading difficulties).

In a recent study, a 10-minute Panamath assessment revealed significant differences in number sense precision of children with a previously documented math learning disability compared with low-achieving and normal-achieving students (Mazzocco et al., in press).

Mazzocco, M., Halberda, J., & Feigenson, L. (In press). Impaired acuity of the approximate number system underlies mathematical learning disability. Child Development.