• More than 100,000 people have taken the Panamath test.

    - Justin Halberda, PhD
    Johns Hopkins University

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Panamath measures your Approximate Number System (ANS) aptitude. The simple task of deciding whether there are more blue dots or yellow dots in a brief flash can tell us a lot about the accuracy of your basic gut sense for numbers. Because this task is so simple, Panamath can be used across the entire lifespan from 2-year-olds to older adults. Across many trials, Panamath asks you simply to decide whether there are more blue dots or yellow dots.

  • Brief Demo: gives you a taste of Panamath and does not give you personalized output.
  • Online Version: the full Panamath test. When you complete the test, it will generate your own personalized output describing your performance and how you stack up with others who have taken the test.
  • Downloadable Version: primarily for scientists and educators who want to use Panamath in their own research or classroom. It is highly configurable and generates a personalized output file and detailed trial-by-trial report for each test participant.

An example Panamath screenshot
An example display from Panamath. Are there more yellow dots or blue dots?