• Panamath empowers our development of an intervention that improves students' Number Sense.

    - Daphne Bavelier, PhD
    University of Rochester

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Administering Panamath

There are two ways to use Panamath as an assessment tool: For individuals or for groups.

Testing individuals

This is a brief video of a teacher administering the online version of Panamath to a young college student. The test will return an estimate of the student's Approximate Number System (ANS) acuity in a single 8-minute session and give an output file to help the teacher understand what that estimate measures.

Testing groups

We have developed a set of instructional materials to allow an educator to administer Panamath in the classroom by presenting a PowerPoint presentation showing a sequence of dot arrays and having students write down their best answers on a provided answer sheet. Educators can then analyze the data using our analysis tools to get an estimate of each student's ANS acuity. After presenting the Panamath assessment as a fun game, educators might engage students in a conversation of how math and number sense are everywhere in their daily lives, guided by a provided PowerPoint lecture and teacher's notes. To download these materials, click the following link: Panamath Instructional Materials and PowerPoint Test (9-12th Grade & College).

These materials have been developed for use in 9th through 12th grade and in higher education. We are working on developing similar materials for younger ages.

The download contains a folder labeled "Test" with a PowerPoint file that allows you to test your students on Panamath in the classroom, an answer sheet and instructions on how to administer the test. A second folder labeled "Data analysis" contains instructions on how to analyze Panamath data, an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to analyze Panamath data collected with the PowerPoint test and paper answer sheets, as well as an Excel spreadsheet to plot the data. Finally, there is a PowerPoint lecture and teacher's notes to explain the theory and research relevant to Panamath in the folder labeled "Lecture".

Panamath was developed as a research tool and has just recently been integrated into the classroom. In the coming years, we hope to create a Resource Wiki for educators teaching at all levels, from Pre-K to college, that will include demos, PowerPoint slides, readings, and recommendations for integrating Panamath into classroom curricula.

To see examples of how Panamath has been used, check out our Examples and Studies or read some of our journal articles.