• Performance on Panamath correlates with the counting abilities of young children.

    - Anna Shusterman, PhD
    Wesleyan University

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A free resource for all to download

Panamath is a free-standing software application that can be run on PC, Mac, or Linux, as long as Java is installed.

Once downloaded and activated, Panamath is free to use in your own research or classroom without payment. The program will adjust to the performance of each student/subject, making it applicable for a wide range of ages (e.g., 3 yrs - 85 yrs). There are no known bugs in Panamath and no conflicts with any known software. You can download the configurable Panamath software application for offline testing and to receive a personalized output file and a detailed trial-by-trial report for each test participant, or you can run Panamath online which is quicker to set up and will give you personalized output when you complete the test.

Try out the brief demo of Panamath below to get a glimpse of what you can expect from Panamath. Please also see our findings using this test.