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Panamath v1.2 Changelog

Released January 3, 2012

Features and improvements
  • Improved interface for the kids characters panel
  • Added view PDF button on test-end panel, if a PDF was created
  • Added option to view final results graph using colorblind-safe colors
  • Prevented an entry in AllRunsSummary.csv and a new results .xls file from being created if the test was started but not trials were run
  • Removed display of number of set 1 correct and set 2 correct trials and the Weber fraction at end of "results" sheet in .xls file for easier importing to other systems and easier future appending of test retakes (Weber fraction can still be found on the summary page and in AllRunsSummary.csv)
  • Added config and GUI option to save the four graphs from the results PDF to individual png files in results/graphs
  • Added config (properties file) options for setting a minimum and maximum RT cutoff for determining RT non-outliers
  • Added config (properties file) option for using Jolicoeur criteria of determining outliers (trials with RTs > x SDs away from the mean are outliers, where x depends on the number of trials)
  • Added bold formatting to changed settings in the settings sheet of the results Excel file
  • Added prompt to retake the test if the model does not fit the data well (i.e. w = Inf). This can be turned off using a config (properties file) setting
  • Added warning prompt if the user is about to overwrite existing results files. This warning can be turned off using a config (properties file) setting
  • Added more checks for valid config settings
Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug with size control ratios greater than 1
  • Fixed size control preview panel sometimes displaying incorrectly sized dots
  • Fixed occasional saving error if test ended early
  • Fixed a bug with writing settings to the results Excel file when no last_used_settings.properties file exists
  • Fixed bug with the enabled/disabled state of the age and test time text fields when the customized option is changed